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Atomic Z3 Review: Affordability Without Cutting Corners
Atomic Aquatics was founded in 1996 by two guys who simply wanted to give divers a better experience. Their mission was[...]
Scubapro MK25/S600 Regulator Review
The Mk25 is Scubapro's top performing balanced first stage, when paired with their best-selling, high performing, balanced S600 second stage;[...]
Sherwood Brut Pro Review – Rugged Durability and Reliability
The Sherwood Brut is a time-tested scuba regulator that got a complete makeover, looking nothing like those before it. Although[...]
Scubapro MK2 Plus/R195 – Durable Reliable Affordable
If you're someone just starting out with scuba diving the Scubapro MK2 Plus/R195 would make a great entry-level scuba regulator. It's[...]
Sherwood Blizzard Pro Review: Time-Tested Reliability
Sherwood Scuba is known for making quality scuba diving equipment, and the Blizzard stay true to this heritage. As the name implies, the[...]
Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC9 Regulator Review
Cressi continues to produce some of the best pure breathing regulators on the market and the Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC9[...]
The Ultimate Aqua Lung Legend Review
The Legend line of regulators are the best-performing regulators manufactured by Aqua Lung. It offers exception breathing performance and cold water[...]
Scubapro Mk17/A700 Review: Fight The Cold
Diving in cold water requires special equipment, and none more important than your scuba regulator. It is literally your lifeline[...]