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Scuba Regulator ReviewsI know finding the right regulator can be overwhelming  with all the different  types, brands, and features available. You want to make sure you buy the best regulator and not end up with a lemon, because your life literally depends on it.

Before making your decision thou, you need the right information, and I have done all the grunt work for you.

I have read countless ratings and scuba regulator reviews, and let me tell you, there are a lot out there! It really can be overwhelming.

On this site thou,  you will find all of  the regulators I have reviewed and where you can find them for the best prices online.  I have also organized  them into categories of Brands, Features, Price Rage in menus on the right of the website, so you can find the one you’re looking for easily.

Scuba Regulator Comparison Guide

But first, the interactive table below is a quick comparison guide of some of the best scuba regulator available today. Here you can actually see how some of their features stack up against each other.

*Click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier.

You can also compare more regulators and features at my more comprehensive regulator comparison chart.

RegualtorRating1st Stage TypeHP
2nd Stage TypeAdjustable
2nd Stage
Scuba Pro Mk25/S600 5.0Balanced
25BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Scuba Pro Mk25/S600 pricing and Reviews
Atomic T3 Scuba Regualtor 5.0Balanced Piston25BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Atomic T3 Scuba Regulator Price
Aqua Lung Legend5.0Over-Balanced Diaphragm24BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Aqua Lung Legend LX Supreme Pricing and Reviews
Mares Abyss 224.7Balanced Diaphragm24UnbalancedNoYes/Up to 40%Mares Abyss 22 Pricing and Reviews
Atomic Aquatics B25.0Balanced
25BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Atomic Aquatics B2 Price and Reviews
Scubapro MK17/a7005.0Over-Balanced Diaphragm24BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Scubapro MK17/a700 Review and Pricing
Hollis DC2/212 Regulator4.8Over-Balanced Diaphragm 24BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Hollis DC2/212 Regulator Price and Review
Oceanic Omega 3 FDXIN/AOver-Balanced Diaphragm24BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Oceanic Omega 3 FDXI
Sherwood OasisN/ABalanced Piston24BalancedNoYes/Up to 40%Sherwood Oasis
Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC95.0Over-Balanced Diaphragm24BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC9 Pricing and review
Cressi Ellipse Titanium MC94.7Over-Balanced Diaphragm24UnbalancedNoYes/Up to 40%Cressi Ellipse Titanium MC9
Scubapro MK21 G260
Scubapro Mk21 G260
N/ABalanced Piston24BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Reviews and Pricing
Aqualung Legend Twilight5.0Over-Balanced Diaphragm24BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Aqualung Legend Twilight Reviews and Price
Mares Prestige She Dives 4.0Balanced Diaphragm24Unbalanced NoNoMares Prestige She Dives Pricing and Reviews
Oceanic EOS FDX103.9Over-Balanced Diaphragm24BalancedYesYes/Up to 40%Oceanic EOS FDX10 Pricing and Reviews

But, What if I Don’t Now What Kind of Regulator I am Looking For?

decisions MakingConsidering the amount of brands, style, and features to choose from, finding the right  dive regulator is no easy task. Let face it, this is the most important piece of dive equipment you will buy, and in most cases the most expensive, therefore it is imperative that you choose the regulator that best fits your diving needs.

I have created a quick guide to help you narrow you search to find the right one. The guide goes over:

  • Why You Need Your Own Dive Regulator
  • How To Choose the Right Regulator for your diving needs
  • And, once you buy it, how to properly maintain it.

(You can Read My Scuba Regulator Buying Guide Here)

Why Buy Scuba Regulators Online?

You can easily go to your nearest dive store or  dive center and buy a new regulator. But, more often, you will find that the prices are more expensive than what you would find online. This is mainly because you cannot compare prices easily offline. Chances are there are only a couple, if any, dive stores located near your location.

With just a few clicks online you can search many stores, therefore online retailers tend to sell at much cheaper price.  Although there are many place where you can buy dive equipment online, time after time, I have found that leisurepro has the best prices. Leisure Pro Home Page

[important]If you’re thinking of getting a dive computer to go along with your scuba regulator visit for reviews, guides and comparison charts. [/important]