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Monthly Archive: March 2013

Sherwood Blizzard is The Perfect Cold Water Regulator

As the name implies the Blizzard was specifically designed for cold water diving. The first stage of the Blizzard is environmentally sealed to help prevent it components from freezing up. The second stage also has a heat sink that trap the heat of your exhalation to warm internal parts.

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What Are The Best Cold Water Regulators? Comparison Chart and Reviews of the top 4 Regulators

Most people get shivers and fringe when they hear the word “Cold Water Diving”, but you must remember that it’s not cold water that isn’t fun, but being Cold. [toc]You can actually see more marine life on some cold water dives than you can on most warm water dives, with the exception of coral reefs …

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Scubapro MK2 Plus/R195 – Durable Reliable Affordable

The MK 2 has been around for decades, this is Scubapro’s entry level regulator and can be found in my dive centers and resort as a training regulator due to it’s reliability and ease of maintenance. This reg is perfect for diving at recreational diving limits in worm tropical weather.

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Sherwood Brut Review – Rugged Durability and Reliability

The Brut is Sherwood’s entry level regulator. It is a favorite for beginner divers and dive centers all over the world because of it rugged durability and reliability. The Brut just got a complete make over, with a new look and some new features.

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