Aqua Lung Legend Review: Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

Aqua Lung Legend LXThe Legend line of regulators are the best-performing regulators manufactured by Aqua Lung. It offers exception breathing performance and cold water capability that rivals many high-end regulators on the market today.

This new generation Legend has recently been upgraded with many innovative features and new appealing cosmetics.It is also now smaller and lighter for a more comfortable dive.

Whether you’re planning on traveling to your next dive destination or just diving at your local dive spot, you will dive with confidence knowing that you’re diving with one of the most reliable and durable regulators out there.


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In this Aqua Lung Legend review we are going to look at:

  • Some of the many features of the First Stage
  • The Second Stage and its features
  •  Models of the Aqua Lung Legend and their differences
  • What other divers are saying about the Legend
  • and, the bottom line

Video Review of Aqua Lung Legend LUX Supreme

But first, below is a video review of the Aqua Lung Legend LUX Supreme done by the guys over at In the video, you can get a closer look at the regulator and some of its most important features.

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Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Fist Stage

The Legend range of regulators (more about the different models below) share pretty much the same major components and performance.

They feature an over-balanced diaphragm which delivers greater intermediate pressure at depth than your standard balanced system. This design helps compensate for the increased density of the gas at depth by allowing a greater volume to pass through the system, allowing you to have much better breathing performance the deeper you dive.

The first stage is also environmentally sealed to prevent water, contaminants, as well as silt and sand to enter the spring chamber.  This allows the regulator to perform consistently between servicing. It also prevents ice from building up around the main spring, which makes it perfect for diving in extremely cold water condition. The spring chamber is also surrounded by heat exchange fins which help add further cold water protection.

Another cool feature of the second stage is ‘Aqua Lung’s Auto-Closure Device’ (ACD) system. This automatically seals the regulator inlet once it has been taken off the cylinder. This further protects the first stage by keeping unwanted corrosive water and other contaminants out of the first stage, especially if you forget to put on the dust cap after use.

There are many times where I have seen divers forget to replace the dust cap before dunking it in fresh water for rinsing.

The ACD System also help keep internal parts lubricated and operating a peak performance, as well as making it safer to use with a higher percentage of oxygen.

The first stage also features two high-pressure ports and four low-pressure ports, equally split on both sides for optimum hose routing, especially if you do mostly Cold Water Diving.

The Legend is also available in both DIN and Yoke (A-Clamp)  and  Nitrox compatible to 40% right out of the box.

Now Let’s Take A Look At The Second Stage

The second stage has been made smaller and lighter for better comfort and to help reduce the strain on your jaw.

It features a Pneumatic balanced system which makes for smooth and effortless breathing. The ergonomically designed exhaust tee defects bubble out of your field of vision and help to reduce exhalation efforts.

It also features Aqua Lung’s ‘Master Breathing System’ (MBS), which combines both the Venturi effect and inhalation adjustment into one easy to use knob (Only available on the Legend LUX and LX Versions). In the “Min” position it will prevent unwanted free-flows when the regulator is not in your mouth or on the surface, while in the “Max” position it will deliver the best breathing performance.

The second stage also has a heat exchanger that surrounds the valve mechanism. This help dissipates the cold caused by expanding gases which prevent the second stage from freezing up while diving in cold water.

It is also equipped with Aqua Lung’s Comfo-Bite mouthpiece for added comfort. The mouthpiece features a bridge that joins the bite tabs across the palate which reduce the bite pressure needed to keep the regulator in your mouth.

Aqua Lung also fitted the Legend with new braided hoses.  These are lighter, have a higher working pressure, and are more flexible than your standard rubber hoses. This helps prevent tug on the second stage every time you turn your head, which in turn helps further reduce any jaw fatigue.

The Different Models of the Aqua Lung Legend

The Legend comes in three different models, the Legend LUX, the Legend LX, and the standard Legend, each of which has ‘Supreme’ versions. The Supreme regulators are specially adjusted for diving in the extremely cold water and equipped with a lip shield to keep your lips warm. There is also a Twilight version of the Legend that is geared expectantly for women divers.

So what’s the difference between models? Let take a closer look.

Aqualung Legend LUX

Aqua Lung Legend LUX This is Aqua Lung’s flagship version and features stylish pink gold and black PVD finish. The colored finish is not only for looks, the PVD is much harder to scratch than traditional chrome plated regulators.

The second stage also features Aqua Lungs Master Breathing system, which combines both the Venturi effect and inhalation adjustment into one.

The Legend LUX is also the only version that is supplied in a branded regulator case.

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Aqua Lung Legend LUX Supreme

Aqua Lung Legend LUX SupremeThis version has the exact same features and performance of the Legend LUX. However, it’s specifically tuned for diving in the extreme conditions of cold water.

It also comes equipped with a removable lip shield, which keeps streaming cold water away from your lips, keeping them warm. Like the Legend LUX, this regulator also features Aqua Lung’s Mater Breathing System to further fine tune your breathing.

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Aqua Lung Legend LX

Aqua Lung Legend LXThe Legend LX sports the same features and performance you would expect from the Legend LUX version, but without the pink gold, PVD finish.

The first stage, second stage trim, and heat exchanger are all protected from the elements by a high-polished chrome plated finish instead. This makes it a little more affordable than the  LUX version.

Just like the Legend LUX, the Legend LX is also equipped with Aqua Lung MBS control for easy breathing adjustments.

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Aqua Lung Legend LX Supreme

Aqua Lung Legend LX Supreme The Legend LX Supreme is specifically adjusted for cold water diving, but still, deliver the same performance you would expect from the LUX and LX.

It also has a matte chrome finish instead of the high-polished chrome of the LX. It also features Aqua Lung’s MBS control and has a removable lip shield to keep your lips warm.

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Aqua Lung Legend

LegendThe standard Legend has the same high-polished chrome plated finish as the LX on the first stage and heat exchange, but the second stage is fully black to differentiate between the two models.

This model also lacks the MBS Control. Instead, it uses a Venturi switch to redirect airflow in the second stage.The breathing effort on the second stage is preset so you don’t have to worry about making adjustments while diving.

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Aqua Lung Legend Supreme

Aqua Lung Legend SupremeThe Legend Supreme has the same features and performance as the standard Legend. However, it has been specifically adjusted for cold water diving. Instead of high-polished chrome, it sports a matte chrome finish. It also features a removable lip shield to keep your lips warm when diving in cold water.

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Aqua Lung Legend LX Twilight

Aqualung Legend Twilight

You should expect the same performance that you would expect from the existing Legend LX model.  However, it has been designed specifically for women divers.

It is exactly the same as the Legend LX. But instead, the Twilight includes a smaller Comfo-bite mouthpiece and a lighter second stage to help reduce jaw fatigue.

The second stage tips are also purple to give the regulator a more feminine look.

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Aqua Lung Legend LX Twilight Supreme

Aqualung Legend TwilightThe Legend LX Twilight Supreme and LX Twilight share pretty much all the same features. However, the Legend LX Twilight Supreme is tuned specifically for cold water diving.

The first stage also has a matte finish instead of high-polished chrome, and it also comes with a removable lip shield to help keep your lips warm while diving the cold water.

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What Are Other Divers Saying?

The feedback from divers is really positive, pretty much no negative to report on. All models of this regulator get a high rating from reviewers at online stores and are praised for their ease of breathing and performance on the forums.

However, many divers recommended sticking to a Legend octopus as a few other octopus tend to free flow at depths. This is credited to the overbalanced nature of the regulator.

Below are a few snippets of reviews, they have been rewritten for uniqueness.

Drew – Says that the Legend was a very easy breather, however you should pick up the Legend octopus as other might free-flow a depth

Castanagajit – Says that the regulator breathes effortlessly to the last psi in your tank. It goes on to say that the 2nd stage is easy to purge and that it feels much lighter than the competition.

Diver Dave – Says that it is exceptionally easy to breathe from and that the lightweight 2nd stage is really comfortable and easy to adjust. He also noted that all the important parts of the reg are made from metal and not plastic unlike some other brands.

Darko – Says that he has done approximately 50 deep dives and rate this regulator as top-notch. The best regulator he has ever dove with for over 20 years of diving. He reports that the regulator breaths effortlessly at depth, has no free flow, no issues at all.  Breathing should be natural and non eventful and that’s what he has with this regulator.

He goes on to say that the auto closure device is great in preventing contamination into  the first stage during cleaning and accidental water exposure. As well as, that the regulator has a comfortable mouthpiece and the lip shield keeps his lips warmer in 39 degree water.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a regulator that’s reliable and breathes naturally then you should defiantly consider one of the Aqua Lung Legend Models.

There is a Legend model to meet pretty any dive condition or environment you find yourself in, whether it be diving in cold water or the tropical water of the Caribbean.

Not only is this regulator an excellent performer, it also looks great, and no matter what model you choose you simply cannot go wrong with the Legend.

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