Atomic Z3 Review: Affordability Not Mean Cutting Corners

Atomic Z3 Regulator ReviewAtomic Aquatics was founded in 1996 by two guys who simply wanted to give divers a better experience. Their mission was to create the best diving gear of the highest quality.

This is even evident when they sat out to make a more affordable regulator like the  Z3. By using high-performance design and smart material choices, they were able to create an affordable regulator with the ability to handle extreme dives.

An upgrade to the   Z2, the Atomic Z3 now has a swivel hose along with better features, improved components, and is just an overall better regulator.

Although it cost less it still delivers the same performance you would expect for a high-end Atomic Aquatics  Regulators.

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What You’ll Learn In This Review

  • A complete video overview of regulator
  • The many features of the first stage and why it delivers the same performance as its higher-end counterparts
  • The Second Stage and how it was designed to be more comfortable than the Z2
  • What other divers are saying about the Atomic Z3 Regulator
  • My Rating and The Bottom Line

Atomic Z3 Video Review


The First Stage

When creating the Z3, Atomic Aquatics produced the most compact and economically friendly regulator of their entire line. The first stage is made entirely out of chrome plated brass and 316 stainless steel.

The Z3 features the “Jet Seat” high flow balanced piston. This gives the diver a smooth, natural breathing experience. Their jet seat system does not have any sharp edges like other pistons, meaning the seat sustains much less damage over time. Instead, the piston uses a conical seat and blunt end piston, giving it an edge over all of Atomic Aquatic’s competitors. The valve seat is made of aerospace seat specification materials. The combination of superior valve and piston technologies allows for more time between maintenance. Divers can go an amazing two years or three hundred dives, whichever comes first, before servicing the regulator.

The Z3 First stage is also optionally factory sealed. This allows it to keep contaminants like silt and sand out of the first stage, helping to keep it working perfectly. The piston is self-lubricating which allows it to be practically friction free and makes this regulator even lower maintenance.

This regulator is ready for Nitrox mixtures of up to 40% straight out of the box. It has two high-pressure ports, and seven low-pressure ports on a fixed cap.

The Second Stage

Atomic Z3The components of the second stage on the Z3 are made out of precision machined brass with zirconium plating and titanium. Offering users a corrosion-resistant, sturdy second stage.

Adding comfort was one of the biggest goals in creating the second stage. The swivel is one of the components that offers such comfort on the second stage. The second stage PVD coated swivel gives the diver a much more comfortable experience. The swivel allows up to thirty degrees of rotational movement with no binding or kinking that is experienced with other aftermarket swivels. The PVD coating gives the swivel scratch resistance, so there is no chance of a scratch preventing movement of the swivel.

The second stage also adds comfort to this regulator by giving divers an easy breathing experience. With a balanced linear flow design, breathing is easy at all depths and in all diving conditions. Equipped with automatic flow control, breathing easy is always simple, just like it should be. Divers can de-tune the valve in special circumstances with the rapid inhalation adjustment control. The venturi control is automatically controlled by a combination of sealed chambers and swiveling flow vanes. Which gives the diver the perfect balance of safety and performance.

The Dual silicone comfort fit mouthpiece allows for comfort while being durable. The mouthpiece is fitted with tear-resistant bite tabs made of a harder silicone to prevent biting through.

What Are Other Diver’s Saying

All of the divers who have tested it out seem to be very pleased with the Atomic Aquatic Z3 regulators. It is often rated as four and a half or five stars out of five.

Here are some quotes from divers who have tested the Atomic Aquatic Z3 themselves:

Taylor Smith – Said he and his wife bought two and were truly impressed. They think it is a great regulator at a great price. They loved that they were able to get a quality Atomic without breaking the bank.

Jason G – Said that the Z3 was “out of this world good!” He praises the Z3 on comfort, reliability, safety, and style.

Onalaka – Said he was pleased with the super easy assembly and while he won’t use all of the ports now, he likes knowing that he has them in case he needs them in the future.

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The Bottom Line

The Atomic  Z3 Regulator is a quality regulator that is perfect for anybody who wants the reliability and performance of an Atomic regulator with out breaking the bank.

Atomic Aquatics made no shortcuts when designing and manufacturing the regulator. It is made with quality materials and lives up the high standards that they have set for their company and their products.

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