4 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Scuba Regulator

Having your own scuba diving equipment  is a major factor in the enjoyment of the sport . And,  one of the first piece of equipment I would recommend investing in is your scuba regulator.

Sure, you can rent gear from your local dive center or at many dive destination.  But, are you going to put your complete trust in the availability of an under-maintained, over-worked rental regulator for your personal safety and enjoyment of Diving.

I remember when I was just starting out diving.  I was on a diving with a rental regulator,   it worked worked fine for the beginning of the dive. However, a few minutes in the octopus begun to free flow a little and there was a terrible honking sound coming from the first stage with every breath I took.

I could still breathe from the regulator pretty good, but I was more concerned about the sound coming from it than anything else. I even missed the Manta that everyone got to see except me.

After the dive trip I decide  that I was going to invest in a regulator of my own. Below are the 4 major reason why I believe you should buy your own regulator.


  1. Maintenance and Safety – By owning will know the condition of your gear, where it has been, who has been using it, and when it was last serviced. That familiarity contributes to the highest level of safety and security, which in turn gives you peace of mind and an over all more enjoyable dive.
  2. Personalization – Owing your own regulator give you to opportunity to personalize it to your liking, something that you simply cannot do with a rental. Also, most rentals are entry level regulators that often lack all the feature and performance that you would expect from a personal reg. You can buy a  scuba regulator with  all the features that suits your diving style and the conditions and environment that you will be diving in.
  3. Cost – In the short-term renting a regulator might seem as the best option cost wise.  However, if you are a frequent diver you will soon find out that the cost of constantly renting a regulator will turn out more expensive than having your own regulator in the long run.
  4. Availability – What if you go to your local dive center to rent a regular and their out, then what? When you have our own regulator you don’t need to worry about availability, it is yours so it will always be there.  No need to worry about making reservations to rent a regulator in the hope that they might not have any.

Don’t take the chance with a rental or a loaner. Your dive regulator is your lifeline underwater, and  is the most important piece of scuba diving equipment you can buy. The bottom line is Owning your own equipment allows you to maximize your enjoyment as well as your safety.