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Diaphragm Regulator ReviewDiaphragm first stage has more moving parts than piston first stage, and up until recently, they also had lower flow rates to the second stage. However, advancements in manufacturing and designed has make the the first stagy more popular than pistons regulators in the mind to high specification regulators.  Because of it’s lower flow rate it performs better in cold water than piston regulators, one of the biggest advantage is that it can be easily fitted with and environmentally seal for really cold water diving. Below are a  few regulator I have reviewed which use a diaphragm first stage.

Aqua Lung Legend Review: Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

The Legend line of regulators are the best-performing regulators manufactured by Aqua Lung. It offers exception breathing performance and cold water capability that rivals many high-end regulators on the market today. This new generation Legend has recently been upgraded with many innovative features and new appealing cosmetics.It is also now smaller and lighter for a more comfortable […]

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Mares Abyss 22 Review: Delivering Record-Breaking Performance

The Mares Abyss 22 regulator has a rich history of performance and reliability, and a lighter first version stage and a softer and lighter hose makes an already great regulator even better. It’s minimalist and lightweight, balanced diaphragm first stage is complemented by the responsive second stage to offer the highest in performance any diver would envy.

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Scubapro Mk17/A700 Review: Fight The Cold

Diving in cold water requires special equipment, and none more important than your scuba regulator. It is literally your lifeline underwater and as such should be able to withstand the effects of diving in such a harsh environment. So, today we are going to look at a regulator specifically designed to coop with these conditions, […]

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