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Category Archive: Mares regulators

Mares was found in Italy in 1949 and originally made on scuba diving mas and spear guns. Today they have expanded to become on the the largest dive equipment manufactures in the world producing some of the most unique dive equipment on the market. They have code-named may of their diving technologies and incorporated them in there equipment including their dive regulators. Below are some reviews of these regulator and some of the technology they use to delivery exceptionally easy to breathe regulators as well are reliable.  

Mares Abyss 22 Review: Delivering Record-Breaking Performance

The Mares Abyss 22 regulator has a rich history of performance and reliability, and a lighter first version stage and a softer and lighter hose makes an already great regulator even better. It’s minimalist and lightweight, balanced diaphragm first stage is complemented by the responsive second stage to offer the highest in performance any diver would envy.

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Mares Rover 12s Regulator Review

The Rover 12S regulator is a balanced diaphragm entry level regulator From Mares. It is a go-to regulator for many dive centers and beginner divers looking for a simple but reliable regulator that offers exceptional breathing performance.

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