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Category Archive: Nitrox Compatible Regulators

Nitrox Regulator ReviewsMany scuba regulator these days are manufactured to be nitrox compatible to 40% Enriched Air right out of the box. However, it is always important  to read the owners manual before using your regulator with enriched air.  If your regulator is not nitrox compatible you can always take it in to a certified service technician to get it certified. It is important to note that some materials such as Titanium cannot be used with enriched gas mixes over a certain percentage. Below are a few regulator that I have reviewed that are Nitrox compatible right from the manufacture.    

Scubapro MK25/S600 Regulator Review

The Scubapro Mk25/S600 is consider to be one of the best scuba regulator on the market today, and was scuba lab tester choice in 2010. It pairs scubapros best performing balanced piston first stage with their most popular balanced second stage. Because of the adjustable capability of the s600 it is the perfect match for the MK25, and lets it adpat of any diving condition.

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Atomic Z3 Review: Affordability Without Cutting Corners

Atomic Aquatics was founded in 1996 by two guys who simply wanted to give divers a better experience. Their mission was to create the best diving gear of the highest quality. This is even evident when they sat out to make a more affordable regulator like the  Z3 . By using high performance design and smart material …

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Mares Abyss 22 Review: Delivering Record-Breaking Performance

The Mares Abyss 22 regulator has a rich history of performance and reliability, and a lighter first version stage and a softer and lighter hose makes an already great regulator even better. It’s minimalist and lightweight, balanced diaphragm first stage is complemented by the responsive second stage to offer the highest in performance any diver would envy.

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Scubapro Mk17/A700 Review: Fight The Cold

Diving in cold water require special equipment, and none more important than your scuba regulator. It is literally your lifeline underwater and as such should be able to withstand the effects of diving in such a harsh environment. So, today we are going to look at a regulator specifically designed to coop with these conditions, …

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The Ultimate Aqua Lung Legend Review [2015]

The Legend line of regulators are the best performing regulators manufactured by Aqua Lung. It offers exception breathing performance and cold water capability that rivals many high-end regulator on the market today. This new generation Legend has recently been upgraded with many innovative features and new appealing cosmetics.It is also now smaller and lighter for a more …

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Cressi Ellipse Balanced MC9 Regulator Review

The Cressi Balanced MC9 regulator pairs their hyper-balance MC9 with their balance Ellipse second stage producing their best performing regulator that would match any high-end regulator for a fraction of the cost.

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Mares Rover 12s Regulator Review

The Rover 12S regulator is a balanced diaphragm entry level regulator From Mares. It is a go-to regulator for many dive centers and beginner divers looking for a simple but reliable regulator that offers exceptional breathing performance.

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Sherwood Blizzard is The Perfect Cold Water Regulator

As the name implies the Blizzard was specifically designed for cold water diving. The first stage of the Blizzard is environmentally sealed to help prevent it components from freezing up. The second stage also has a heat sink that trap the heat of your exhalation to warm internal parts.

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Scubapro MK2 Plus/R195 – Durable Reliable Affordable

The MK 2 has been around for decades, this is Scubapro’s entry level regulator and can be found in my dive centers and resort as a training regulator due to it’s reliability and ease of maintenance. This reg is perfect for diving at recreational diving limits in worm tropical weather.

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Sherwood Brut Review – Rugged Durability and Reliability

The Brut is Sherwood’s entry level regulator. It is a favorite for beginner divers and dive centers all over the world because of it rugged durability and reliability. The Brut just got a complete make over, with a new look and some new features.

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