What Are The Best Titanium Scuba Regulator? Comparison Chart & Reviews

If you’re looking for a regulator that is lightweight, durable, and virtually corrosion resistant then you are in the right place.

Titanium resists corrosion better and is lighter than any other metal used when making a scuba regulator.

So, what are the best titanium regulators?

They are quite a few titanium regulators on the market these days, some that are made completely from titanium (body and internal components),  and others that use only titanium components.

To narrow your search, I have listed four of the best titanium regulator on the market today.  You can check them out below.

Comparison Chart Of The Best Titanium Regulators?

The chart below compares three of the best titanium scuba regulator. Use the chart to compare feature and narrow your search to find the right one for you.

RegulatorAtomic Aquatics T3Scubapro MK25T/S600TEdge TiExtreme Titanium RegulatorCressi Ellipse Titanium MC9
ImageAtomic T3Scubapro Mk25T-S600TEdge TiExtreme Titanium REgulatorcressiellipsetitanium
Titanium1st stage body and components, 2nd stage components1st stage body and components, 2nd stage components1st stage body and components, 2nd stage components 1st Stage Components, 2nd Stage Components
1st StageBalanced PistonBalanced PistonBalanced PistonBalanced Diaphragm
Ports2 HP/5 LP2 HP/5 LP2 HP/5 LP2 HP/4LP
2nd StageBalancedBalacedBalancedUnbalanced
Diver-Adjustable InhalationYesYesYesNone
Venturi Switch AtomaticYesYesYes
NitroxUp to 40%Up to 40%Up to 40%Up to 40%
Environmentally SealedYesYesYes/OptionalNo
PriceUpdated PriceUpdated Pricing
Updated Pricing
Updated Pricing

What Are The Advantages Of Diving With A Titanium Scuba Regulator?

Why dive with a titanium in the first in the fist place? That is the question that many scuba divers as when they see how much they cost (They can sometimes cost about $400 to $800 more than an average regulator).

But, If you are still on the fence about buying a titanium scuba regulator, below are are a few reason why you should consider them.

Light Weight – Titanium is significantly lighter than any metal used to manufacture scuba regulators. This makes them excellent travel regulators. It will help reduce the overall weight of your diving equipment.

Corrosion Resistance – One of the main advantages of titanium is that it is virtually corrosion resistant. This makes them perfect for diving in saltwater and remote places where you cannot immediately rinse your scuba regulator after diving.

Durable – Titanium is one of the toughest metal alloys out there and is virtually indestructible when used in regulators. Over time, repetitive use can course chrome plated brass components to wear, reducing the overall performance of the regulator. But, with Titanium components wear to internal metal parts are virtually nonexistent.

Who Should Consider Owning a Titanium Scuba regulator?

Titanium regulators aren’t cheap thou, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 – $800 more than you would on a normal regulator. So, if you’re only going to be doing 5 dives per year and have a nice climate-controlled place to store your gears, then it’s best to stay with a chrome plated brass regulator.

On the other hand, if you’re someone that dives 3 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in saltwater,  then you will want a regulator that can withstand the constant abuse. Someone that dives this much will find themselves retiring a regulator every couple of years or so.  In this case, it would definitely worth the investment to buy one titanium regulator rather than to buy a regulator every other year.

Top 4 Titanium Scuba Regulator Reviewed

You simply cannot go wrong with choosing any of the titanium scuba regulators below.

Just like when choosing any scuba regulator your choice will basically be determined by your personal preferences and budget. But the general rule of thumb is if you want the best dive regulator you generally have to pay more.

Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulator Review

Atomic T3 Titanium Scuba RegulatorAtomic Aquatics is credited for making the first all-titanium regulator. They claim this exotic metal was their first choice when designing the lightest, highest performance, best corrosion resistant and best-looking regulator – period.

It features an all-titanium balanced piston first stage with 2 fixed high-pressure ports and 5 low-pressure ports on a swivel turret.

The first stage is also sealed, which prevents contaminants like silt and sand to enter the first stage and help against freezing in cold water diving.

The second stage is also balanced and all internal components are made from titanium. Its housing is made from dual materials which make the entire front usable for purging.

It also features an all-titanium comfort second stage swivel which greatly reduces jaw fatigue.

The second stage also features Atomic Aquatic Automatic Flow control, which automatically controls the Venturi effect as you dive. It also has a user adjustable inhalation control knob in the rear chance that you need to detune the inhalation efforts.

Because of its titanium parts and precise machining, Atomic recommend servicing interval is 3 years or 300 dives.

The first and second stage also has a combined weight of under 2 pounds and is Nitrox compatible to 40% right out of the box.

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MK25T/S600T Titanium Regulator Review

Scubapro Mk25T-S600TThe MK25/S600 is Scubapro’s top-performing regulator, and it is even better and lighter in its titanium form.

The body of the fist stage is completely made from titanium, well as its internal parts and components, making it vertically corrosion resistant and completely indestructible.

It uses a balanced piston to deliver consistent intermediate pressure regardless of changing tank pressure or depth.

It also features 2 high-pressure port on either side and 5 low-pressure ports on a swiveling torrent.

The first stage is not sealed, but  Scubapro patented Thermal Insulating System (TIS) helps to prevent freezing in cold water diving conditions.

The second stage features the same great performance as its brass counterpart but with titanium components for a more lightweight package. It is also balanced and features a  Diver Adjustable Venturi Switch and a large diver adjustable inhalation knob to fine tune your breathing under water.

The combined weight of both the first and second stage is under 2 pounds as well, with the first stage weighing 12.4oz and the second stage weighing only 5.5oz. It is also compatible with up to 40% Nitrox mixes right out of the box and is also in the higher price range due to its all-titanium construction.

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Edge TiExtreme Titanium Regulator

Edge TiExtreme Titanium Regulator

The Edge TiExtreme is a great all titanium scuba regulator under $1000.

It features an all-titanium balanced piston first stage which is lightweight and corrosion resistant.

It has 2 high-pressure ports, one on either side and 5 low-pressure ports on a  swivel turret for easy hose routing options.

Although the first stage is not environmentally sealed, there is an optional environmental sealing boot available which an authorized deal must install.

The TiExtreme also features a Pneumatic balanced adjustable second stage. The internal components of the second stage including the air barrel are all made of titanium, making it corrosion resistant as well as lightweight.

It also has a diver adjustable breathing resistance knob and venturi switch that gives you a great degree of airflow control on your dive.

The second stage also has a titanium ball swivel which greatly reduces jaw fatigue by eliminating tugging on the second stage.

The overall weight of the regulator is also just under 2 pounds, making it a great companion for the traveling diver. It’s Nitrox compatible to 40% right out of the box and a great choice for divers that want an all titanium regulator but lack the budget to buy the most popular brands.

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Cressi MC9 Ellipse Titanium Regulator

Cressi Ellipse Titanium MC9This regulator pairs Cressi’s best performing MC9 hyper-balanced diaphragm first stage and the Ellipse Titanium second stage.

The Ellipse Titanium second stage is made from hi-tech polymers and titanium components to make an already light second stage even lighter. It uses a reliable downstream value (unbalanced)  and Venturi switch to deliver a constant steady airflow.

The MC9 first stage has a lightweight body that is made from a protective elastomer shell. Internal components of the first stage are also made from Titanium to make the first stage lighter as well.

It is equipped with 2 high-pressure ports and 4 low-pressure ports and is Nitrox compatible to 40% right from the manufacture.

The combined weight of the first and second stage without the hose is under 2 lbs as well, with the first stage weighing 20.8oz and the second stage weighing 5.6oz.

This regulator is a great alternative to the high-priced all titanium regulators and is great if you are on a budget but still, want some of the advantages that titanium offers.

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The Bottom Line

Titanium scuba regulators are much lighter, corrosion resistant, and durable than their brass counterparts, but are also quite expensive.

If you are someone that only dive a few times a year, then going with a titanium regulator might no seem justifiable. However, if you’re a diving professional that dive almost every day, or someone that travel to dive, then  Titanium is the way to go.


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