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What Are The Best Women’s Scuba Regulator?

The best women's regulatorFinding the right regulator can sometimes be a very difficult task.  This can even be much harder if you’re a woman, since most scuba diving equipment are designed for the male divers.

But, with so many women taking the plunge these day, they simply cannot be ignored by dive manufactures anymore. For quite a few years now there have been wetsuits, BCD, mask and fins designed for  women divers, but the scuba regulator was often forgotten, until recently.

There are now regulators specifically  women divers. They are more stylish, in brighter colors, and generally have a smaller lighter first stage and second stage to help reduce jaw fatigue.

There is still quite a few regulator to choose from thou. Making your decision a little harder. So,  I created this guide as a one stop resource to make finding the best women’s regulator a little bit easier.

Best Women’s Scuba Regulators

To make your selection much easier I have made a comparison chart of some of the best women’s and travel regulators,  to help you quickly find the right one that best suits your diving needs. You can use it to compare prices, ratings, and  features.


RegulatorAqua Lung Legend LX TwilightMares Prestige She DivesAqua Lung MikronApeks Flight
ImageAqualung Legend TwilightMares prestige 12S She Dives Aqua lung mikronapeksflight
First StageOver-Balanced DiaphragmBalanced
ConstructionChrome over marine brassChrome over Marine brassComposite MaterialsComposite Materials
Environmentally SealedYesNoNoNo
Second StageBalancedUnbalancedBalancedBalanced
Adjustable InhalationYesNoYesNo
NitoxUp to 40%NoUp to 40%Up to 40%
Price Range$700 - $800
Updated Pricing
$250 - $350
Updated Pricing
$350 - $450
Updated Pricing
$350 - $450
Updated Pricing

What To Look For When Choosing Women’s Scuba Regulator?

Are regulators specifically targeted to women just a gimmick? Many harden dive enthusiast would tell you not to believe the hype, and that there are no specific regulator that would be better for women. They claim manufactures just put pink or white on a regulator and say it’s optimize for women.

Whit that being said, it is good to note that not only regulators marketed to women makes great regulators.

When looking to buy a new regulator there are a few thins you need to consider.


As a woman,  when choosing a scuba regulator comfort is key, and one of the main concerns that women divers have is the size of the mouthpiece. While I am comfortable with a standard sized mouthpiece, many women have smaller  mouths and prefer a smaller than normal mouthpiece.

But, just because the regulator you’re interested in does not have your desired mouthpiece you should give up on it. There are many different after market mouth pieces to choose from once you buy your regulator, and are very easy  to replace.


Not all scuba regulator perform the same – many regulator breathe differently due to their design and how they are tuned.

You will find that some regulator might have a more mechanical feel to breathing, while others might have a more natural feeling.

Generally a balanced first stage and second stage should give you the best performance. However, you will find that these are more high-end regulators and might be out of your price range. However, you can find a few unbalanced systems that deliver comparable performance at a fraction of the cost.


The weight of the regulator normally refer to the top side characteristics of the regulator.  However, manufacture claims that a smaller and lighter second stage help reduces jaw fatigue, as well as fit in you hands more easily and feels less cumbersome . Travel regulators are generally smaller and lighter which makes a  great choice for women divers.

Diving Conditions

The conditions that you will be diving in will also determinate the type of dive regulator you will need to purchase as well.  For instance, if you dive in water colder than 50°F (10 ºC) you will need a regulator that is environmentally seal to prevent it  from freezing up, or if you are some who travels a lot to scuba dive then a smaller and lighter regulator will help with carrying and airline weight restrictions.

Review of the 4 Best Women’s Scuba Regulator

There are many different regulator to choose from when looking for a new regulator.  Below are a short reviews of some of the best ones.  The one that’s best for you will basically depend on your personal preference and budget.  However, you simply cannot go wrong with any of the regulators below.

Aqua Lung Legend LX Twilight  Review

Aqualung Legend TwilightAqua Lung is known for producing reliable high-performing  regulators and the Legend line are their best performing.

Now Aqua Lung has taken their high-performing Legend LX and modified it for their all new women’s collection.

The regulator features an over-balanced diaphragm regulator with 2 low pressure and 1 high pressure on both sides for a total of 4 low pressure and 2 high pressure port.  Because it is over-balance it will deliver greater performance the deeper you dive.

It also comes equipped with Aqua lung  Auto Closure Device (ACD). This automatically seals the regulator inlet once it has been taken off the cylinder. This will keep unwanted corrosive water and other contaminant out of the fist stage, especially if you forget to put on the dust cap after use.

The first stage is also environmentally sealed, this prevent silt and other contaminants from entering the spring chamber while diving. It also help prevent ice from forming in the first stage which makes it ideal for cold water diving. It also has a heat exchange around the spring chamber the keep the internal mechanisms warm, as well as around the valve chamber of the second stage.

The Legend now feature a smaller and lighter second stage, as well as a smaller Comfo-Bite mouthpiece on the Twilight to help reduce jaw fatigue. A 29 inch braided flex hose further reduces jaw fatigue by eliminating unnecessary tug on the second stage.

Breathing from the second stage underwater is smooth and effortless due to its pneumatically balanced designed.  It also a has Aqua Lung Master Breathing System (MBS), which combines the Venturi Switch and breathing efforts into one easy to use switch. In the “Min” position it will prevent unwanted free-flows on the surface, while in the “Max” position it will deliver the best breathing performance.

It is also highlighted with purple accent to give it a more feminine look, and compatible  with Nitorx mixes up  to 40% oxygen right out of the box.

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Mares Prestige 12s She Dives Review

Mares prestige 12S She Dives The Mares She Dives product line is especially geared to women scuba divers, and the Prestige 12S She Dive is the new regulator designed especially for women. It features a compact elegant design  that is both reliable and durable. It’s light weight design and compact form also makes it a great for travelling as well.

It features a balanced diaphragm first state with 2 high pressure and 4 low pressure port. The first stage also come equipped with mares DFC system, which greatly reduce the drop in intermediate pressure while inhaling. This allow the regulator to give consistent performance at any depth and tank pressure.

Mares also claims that because of its DFC system  the fist stage is able to deliver a constant flow of gas to the second stage, allowing them to use a simpler and more reliable unbalanced second stage.

Although the second stage is unbalanced,  it provides easy breathing at all depths due to an air bypass system.  The bypass system conveys air to the mouthpiece via a swirling vortex with a low pressure center. This help keeps the diaphragm down during inhalation.

The air bypass system combined with the Fluid Dynamic Deflector, which direct the airflow from the bypass tube to the mouthpiece, delivers very natural and effortless breathing.

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Aqua Lung Mikron Review

Aqua lung mikronThe Mikron is the most compact and lightest regulator in the Aqua Lung line of Regulators. Weighing in at a combined weight of 26 oz in the DIN and 31oz. in Yoke, it is the perfect companion if you are a travelling diver.

Aqua Lung did not sacrifice any performance while designing  an extremely compact and light weight regulator. Its balanced diaphragm first stage and second stage ensure exceptional breathing performance.

They where also still able to fit 2 high pressure ports and 4 low pressure ports(1 HP and  2LP either side) on this very compact first stage, which is more than enough port for you to customize your regulator system.

The second stage is also very small as well, comfortably fitting into the palm of your hand. It also has a user adjustable inhalation knob, which in the “Min.” positions help prevents free-flows on the surface, and in the “Max.” position delivers optimum performance.

It is also available in a women version which is black/pink. It feature a smaller Comfo-Bite mouth piece designed for smaller mouths and the silicone brace that fits across the upper palate is now detachable.

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Apeks Flight Review

apeksflightThe Apeks Flight is also compact, durable, and lightweight,  weighing in at a combine weight of only 20.8oz. DIN and 25.0 oz Yoke,  including the hose.

Despite its compact size its breathing performance is exceptional. It feature a balanced diaphragm first stage with 2 high pressure and 4 low pressure ports for optimum hose routing. As well as, a balanced second stage with a Venturi Switch. There are no user inhalation adjustments thou.

The second stage is very compact and light weight as well. Although it is very compact, it still channel your exhaust bubbles to the sides of your face and not in your direct line of view. It also utilizes a balanced system which makes breathing smooth and effortless.

It is compatible to 40% Nitrox right out of the box, so there is no need to get a Nitrox kit.  The only draw back to this regulator system is the lock of thermal conductivity from the composite materials. Because of  this, it is not recommend  for diving in water below 50°F (10ºC).

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